Chicken Police - Into the HIVE!

Chicken Police - Into the HIVE! is a character-driven, story-rich, film-noir detective adventure in which you must uncover a complex, world-scale conspiracy by gathering clues, interrogating suspects, and solving puzzles.

The soul of the game is the characters that bring it to life. There are over 30 deeply fleshed-out characters to talk to, all of them handcrafted and 100% voice-acted. The Wilderness is a world with a history that goes back thousands of years and is full of fascinating facts and mysteries. Explore the city of Clawville and with it the colorful cultures, traditions, desires, and fears of its anthropomorphic inhabitants.

  • Explore the city
  • Investigate at your leisure
  • Uncover hidden places
  • Save Clawville before it erupts in flames!

The team

Developers: Developers: The Wild Gentlemen is the independent game studio behind award-winning buddy cop noir adventure Chicken Police, and is currently working on the sequel Chicken Police: Into the HIVE!

Publishing: Joystick Ventures is a Sherman Oaks-based investing and publishing company whose main goal is to encourage indie developers to stay honest and promote experimentation to push the limits of game design across all genres, styles, and geographies